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A collection of every day Interval Charts (Fractal Edition)

This page shows some Interval Charts of every day events. If not stated otherwise, the time interval is 5 minutes.
A click to a chart shows the chart in full size

A bigger order has been places. Strong resonance in the 3rd. ring of divider 36 (10°).

Order 1
Another order. A strong resonance hierarchy is visible at the time of the order. This one in color.

A mighty thunder followed by a heavy shower. Resonance at full octave in the 8. ring of divider 96 (3.75°). To the left, 10 minutes earlier another resonance of this long thunderstorm.

A powerful wind gust clears the deck of the vhf building. Sunshade, tables, chairs go "over board". A resonance of the entire hierarchy with ring 1, 2, and 5 to 8. This being the angles 36°, 18°, etc. Here we habe the powerful base geometry of 2x5, which isn't even visible when using the 12 signs of traditional Astrology.

The winter gale Lothar in south Germany 1999, here the global resonances of the passage with a 30 minute interval.

Interval Chart with a 2 minute interval.

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