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Fraktale Stars (Fractal Edition)

Our Fractal Stars are a completely new and unique tool for Astrology. The stars are able to display entire hierarchies of resonant aspects and their intensity.

Star - Ingress Display

Ingress Star
Ingress Display

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Eintritts Darstellung

The simplest form of display. Here the passage of planets and house tips through the little triangles of the star hierarchy is displayed in shades of the exactness. As can be seen in the example, the aspects of Mars, Venus, Moon-Node, and Pholus are obvious.
However, even the tiny aspects of Neptune, Chiron, Sun, Jupiter, etc. become visible (second ring from the rim).

The star can be displayed in the background as well as the center of the Astro Chart. The preferences also offer more variations to play with.

Star - Resonant Display

Resonant Star
The registration of Cenon.info
(2x2x3 Geometry, with 6 rings)

Resonant Display

The resonant display is a major break through. Basically this is a Fourier Analysis of the resonances at a time and location, combined with the hierarchic form of display offered by the star. Something like this just didn't exist in Astrology.

The resonance condition can be switched between Global and Local resonance. The Geometry of the star can be selected via prime factors (here 2x2x3 = 12).

Star Hail
Heavy Hail in Ammerbuch
(2x5 Geometry with 12 rings)

A click on the image displays a full size image.

The second example shows a heavy hail in Ammerbuch-Altingen with quite some damage. The star is displayed in grayscales for better contrast. Additionally, this chart shows markings of the dominant wave nodes at the rim of the chart.

Eyepopping are the two strong rings at radius 2 and 8 (see scale). The base geometry is 2x5, the strongest wave length is 18°

The stars are perfectly made for the new Intervall-Charts, displaying several time intervals at once.

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