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You have the choice: For the platforms Apple, Linux and OpenStep, you can download ready to use packages of Cenon. Other platforms can be build from the source codes.
Here, you will also find the documentation and libraries for Cenon.

Apple - the graphics platform.
Here you find all you need to run Cenon on your Apple.

Linux - the popular platform for people who love freedom and are willing to do something for this freedom.
Here you find everything for Cenon on Linux, as well as the source codes to compile Cenon yourself. Use the source codes from here to compile Cenon on any platform supported by the GNUstep libraries.

OpenStep 4.2
OpenStep - the legendary platform - is the forefather of Apples Mac OS-X. OpenStep was a vision.
Here you find all you need to run Cenon under OpenStep.

Latest Version, Commercial Users

Buy an upgrade to the latest release of Cenon in our Cenon Shop

  • Access the latest release of Cenon for Mac (the free version lags behind one major version)
  • License for commercial application of Cenon
  • Support the project
  • Get Cenon via download or including slipcase, User's Guide, and installation medium

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