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Cenon now online as Free Software

During the night from Sunday to Monday (2004-01-11 at 01:19 UTC) Cenon was reborn as free software.
With this nightly event, several years of reworking and porting Cenon, finally display their fruits.

Cenon is a universal design software which now starts as free software while at the same time offering many new features, especially in the area of desktop publishing.
The variety of import- and export features make Cenon a flexible and powerful conversion tool. You can convert all kinds of vector graphic formats in all directions. Cenon allows the import and export of HTML, DXF, Gerber, PostScript, DIN formats and more.

With it's modular design, Cenon can be extended with so-called modules or plug-ins. This way, Cenon can be expanded and changed in its abilities.

The source codes of Cenon allow compilation on the platforms Linux, Apple, OpenStep, Sun, and most other Unix systems with the help of the GNUstep Libraries.
vhf interservice also provides precompiled packages of Cenon for the most common platforms. You can find them on the download pages.

To give Cenon a solid appearance on your desk, vhf interservice offers a beautiful slipcase, books and a CD containing the collected works. Of course, we have to thank Cenon for the design.

The history of Cenon

Cenon was born in 1993 as a production solution for CNC machines. In this field of application Cenon is now well established in the market.
To make Cenon available to more users, the basis of Cenon has been completely redesigned within the last few years. The DTP functionality of Cenon was originally inspired by the own needs of vhf, in a time when all the commercial products so far used by vhf, vanished from the market.
The outcome of this rework is now available for download under the free vhf public license (vhfPL).

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